C911 Calculator Version 2

This is a simple JavaScript calculator that generates C911 controls for a set of existing target sequences. This version take 19-mer target sequences, assuming that the 2 base overhang is standardized. The original version of the calculator which takes 21-base target sequences (which includes the overhang) is here.

The C911 control uses the complement of bases 9 through 11 of the original siRNA. In our experiments, C911 controls maintain the off-target effects of the original sequence while eliminating the on-target effect of the siRNA, making it an ideal negative control to allow for experimental differentiation between on-target and off-target effects. For more deatils, see C911: A Bench-Level Control for Sequence Specific siRNA Off-Target Effects. If you have questions, feel free to contact me at eugen.buehler@nih.gov.

Enter 19-mer Sequences Below, one sequence per line.
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